How we help

What we do

The charity exists to provide education and support disadvantaged communities in east Africa.

We will do this through our own school in Nyiera and supporting other schools in the Osieko area. At Soma Leo Nyiera Academy we seek to achieve excellence by having safe and clean facilities, high quality teaching with appropriate teacher to pupil ratio, good nourishment for the children with a varied and interesting curriculum.

We will also work with local schools to help them improve their quality standards by providing books, and when appropriate computer equipment.

We may also establish more of our own schools in the future.

There are quite a few charities working in different fields related to the education sector in east Africa. We will seek to partner with appropriate charities on relevant projects that help us achieve our objectives.

How we do it

We are seeking to build a community of support for the Foundation.

In addition to running fundraising events, we also engage with businesses, schools and friends of the charity to provide various forms of support. Please see ‘How you can help’ section for more details on how you can get involved or offer your support to The Soma Leo Foundation click here.