Soma Leo Nyiera Academy

About the area

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Nyiera is on the shores of Lake Victoria in western Kenya. It is a collection of 25 houses bordering Osieko, a community of 2,000 people. With the lake on one side and otherwise bordered by marshes, the Osieko area is isolated, both geographically and commercially.

This is a poor community with few opportunities for education, in an area ravaged by AIDS where many of the children have lost their parents to the disease. Families live at or below the poverty line and children don’t have reliable access to nourishing food and clean water.

This area is poorly served by pre-schools and primary schools offering the type of opportunity we want to provide. We seek to achieve excellence by having safe and clean facilities, high quality teaching with an effective teacher to pupil ratio, good nourishment for the children with a varied and interesting curriculum.

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The school is a community school, with senior members of the local community participating in decisions about how the school is run and managed. Our pupils, selected by community elders, are amongst the most deprived in the community.

The school’s funding needs are limited, about £13,000 per year for two classroom of 130 pupils, with the primary costs being for teacher salary, food, water and electricity. The Foundation also sources or funds equipment and other items needed, pays licence fees and other miscellaneous and administrative costs.

The school is a community resource. We recognise the need for the school to have a community wide purpose, not just education for the children, in order to be embraced and valued by the community.